Program of Acoustics '17 Boston


Photo courtesy of Greater Boston Convention and Visitors Bureau.


Joint Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America and the European Acoustics Association

25-29 June 2017

Boston, Massachusetts

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Sunday to Thursday, 25-29 June 201
Program: cover-to-cover (pdf) 

Sunday, 25 June
1a and 1p (pages 3451-3534)

Monday, 26 June
2a and 2p (3536 to 3659) 

Tuesday, 27 June
3a, 3p, 3e (pages 3660 to 3772) 

Wednesday, 28 June
4a and 4p (pages 3773 to 3927) 

Thursday, 29 June
5a and 5p (pages 3928 to 4050)