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5th Joint Meeting
Acoustical Society of America and Acoustical Society of Japan
Honolulu, Hawaii
28 Nov. - 2 Dec. 2016



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Meeting Information

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Recently Published

Dynamic sound scattering (DSS) is a powerful acoustic technique for investigating the motion of particles or other inclusions inside an evolving medium. In DSS, this dynamic information is obtained by measuring the field autocorrelation function of the temporal fluctuations of singly...

Sep 23, 2016

This work considers automated multi target tracking of odontocete whistle contours. An adaptation of the Gaussian mixture probability hypothesis density (GM-PHD) filter is described and applied to the acoustic recordings from six odontocete species. From the raw data, spectral peaks are first identified and then the GM-PHD...

Sep 23, 2016

An experimental validation is implemented for the measurement of a weak acoustic component within a turbulent wall pressure by an inverse problem of vibration. The turbulent flow...

Sep 23, 2016